It's Arrived, Welcome To The Very Merry World Of The Top MMORPG!

Firstly for the uninitiated game players who haven't a clue what an MMORPG may be never mind a top MMORPG, MMORPG stands for massively multiplayer online role-playing game. Let's be quite clear here, this is nothing to do with online bingo or the likes where social interaction was one of the original reasons why people would get together in their local bingo club, would meet up once a week, have a drink and hope that it might be their lucky night and perhaps walk in with more money than they came in with. No, this is something quite different. This is what would be classified as a video game where role playing plays a key role.

To try to clarify matters for perhaps some of the more mature game players, a lot of the published content with these particular games takes the form of what would be called sci-fi, and players assume an identity in this action packed game collectively playing out one of the many action packed scenes. The story continues to evolve with the game's publisher developing the drama in the background, even when the players go offline. Things never stand still in this game.

Hard to believe for sure when one thinks of games, but with a top MMORPG, imagination has no boundaries. Looking back at popular movies like Star Wars that was released in the 70's this blockbuster gripped the imagination of not just a single nation, but became a global phenomenon. Certainly the theme music stirred something within the soul, so much so that a disco version of this classic was created. One has to think that whilst the movie goer was swept away to a particular scene, the action was still unfolding elsewhere off screen, so it is with MMORPG's, the related storyline still goes on in the background.

Top MMORPG's and Star Wars has been one of them, obtain their revenues from subscriptions, in fact just in 2005 this gaming sector made a tidy half billion dollars. As other popular games were created, consumer spending in the Western world almost tripled the following year with a consumer spend of $1.4 billion by the year 2008. When the Star Wars MMORPG was released in 2011, it broke all records with a million players cards at the ready seriously eager to play, and this was just within 3 short days of launching. A new world order beckoning?