Is There A Space MMORPG Fan In Da House? Check These Two Out Now!

Some will fully understand what a space MMORPG means. Even if someone knows what it means they sometimes actually forget the whole meaning. Heck someone could even have landed on this page by complete accident and thought "what the heck are they exactly talking about here?"

So total clarity ensues; Space MMORPG is actually an acronym for Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Games. Phew, what a mouthful, glad that's out the way, now let the games begin!

When it comes to Massively Multplayer gaming the clear genre winner is fantasy. This is often played out in Role Playing Games and so it is with Sci-Fi. Here's a couple of the top games around, a little about what they offer and why they are so popular amongst so many.

Vendetta Online

Vendetta Online has a big claim to fame over other similar type games and that is not only can it be run on a PC, but also different operating systems. Yes, this is a first!

It can also be played on Mac OS X, Linux, and even more important on Androids. This is simply stupendous for the geek who doesn't want to miss a beat; they can be exploring space wherever they go! Players control their spaceships operating with certain specifications laid out for them, plus have a weapon list which is pretty diverse having the ability to trade amongst themselves and developers which constantly expands the capabilities of the games. Wow, not hard to see why this one is popular!

Star Trek Online

Well just as one would expect, some things never die but at some point move on from being legendary to immortalized, so it is with this Space MMORPG.

This is definitely one for the Trekkie who may have previously travelled around the country to one of the Star Trek conventions. This used to be a paid game but as of 2012 it became free for all. Just like with the TV series, as each episode progresses the viewers learn more about the characters. With Star Trek Online, the player also navigates their way through hostile encounters with creatures from space, dealing with each combative situation as and when it occurs. Beam them up Scotty!