They're The New Kids On The Block - Welcome To Betsoft 3D Slots!

A lot of the players out there that play online slots are familiar with their favorite software provider when it comes to the games that they like to regularly enjoy, in their online casino. Now is the time to look at one of the very latest software developers by taking a look at Betsoft 3D Slots.

Being in very early days, Betsofts reputation is in its infancy. They've yet to conquer the sheer number of casinos that will have the opportunity to carry their slots. That said, whilst not currently carrying a vast library of titles, Betsoft 3D slots take slot games to a new level with games that are hard to better regardless of where one looks.

At present, Betsoft's 3D gaming software line extends to 20 different games. These are all beautifully put together and combine, colourful graphics with fun animations whilst capturing and bringing the theme to life with personalized sound signatures, creating a memorable experience for the player, aside from the large prizes that can also be won.

This is clearly demonstrated when playing their 'Once Upon A Time' fairy tale themed game. Opening with a voiceover right out of a child's fantasy movie, the stand out graphics and sounds transport the player into the world of rescuing a beautiful princess.

Along the way of the rescue attempt, symbols such as a sword in a stone, a brace knight, a dragon's treasure horde along with crafty goblins appear, with a short animated interlude each time the player wins a prize. One interlude tying into this game, for example, includes the heroic knight removing the legendry sword encased in stone, when 3 knight symbols appear.

Bonus games also work in harmony with the underlying story theme and 6 different bonuses add to the player's winnings as the adventure unfolds. Other games also included in Betsoft 3D slots collection include Arrival, Barbary Coast, and Rock Star, along with a Godfather Mafia themed game aptly named 'The Slotfather'.

As well as these stunning new 3D games spectacularly presented and packaged, 20 other more familiar styled games are available. That said there's no doubt, the 3D's really steal the limelight. Welcome to the world of Betsoft!